Truck Repair

Looking for a professional auto body shop for reliable truck & collision repairs?

M&H Bodies is a full service truck repair shop that has been serving the East London area for over 25 years. We try to minimize the effect of accident and collisions by ensuring that you get your truck fixed the right way and fast!

Thanks to a committed and professional staff, every day, at M&H Bodies Pty (Ltd), we repair trucks and vehicles to their previous form i.e. bodies and appearance.

Why get your truck repairs at M&H Bodies?

  • Today’s truck and vehicle bodies are also complex – with high-quality paint finishes and complex body fastenings, which is why you need qualified artisans who are properly trained in the entire truck repair process to restore your vehicles.
  • Our fully-equipped facilities are the only Mercedes-Benz Approved Commercial Auto Body Repair Centre in the Eastern Cape where we also do Trucks, Trailers, Buses and Ambulance conversions. We are now also a fully authorized Isuzu Trucks Auto Body Repair Centre!
  • All M&H Bodies Pty (Ltd) products are manufactured or repaired in this facility.
  • We are fully-approved by the major truck and bus insurance underwriters in South Africa.
  • We ensure customers enjoy prompt service and quicker turnaround times.
  • Our truck repair services meet existing industry standards for quality and workmanship.

Our motto is to provide all our customers with the best & reliable commercial auto body repair in the East London area. Enjoy reliable truck repair in East London!

Call M&H Bodies Pty (Ltd) on 043 745 1332 today!

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